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Edvy Malom Fogadó és Barokk Udvarház
H-8500 Pápa, Gyimóti u. 91.

GPS: N47  19'  26,47"   E17  29'  13,18"

Hotel Rooms in Pápa dedicated to the King Mathias - a Knight's room

Hotel Rooms in Pápa dedicated to the King Mathias - a Knight's room

Hotel Rooms in Pápa, Hungary
Edvy Mill, room dedicated to King Matthias: Knight's room
A room of superior category in Pápa, Veszprém County, Hungary that faithfully represents the age with some romantic mood.
Room dedicated to the King Matthias' - Knight's room is a rustic room in the Old Mill.
Besides its expressive strength and simpleness, the design of the room radiates cleanness, clearness and noble simplicity: the ideal of knights. This room reflects the age of the Hunyadi (Corvinus) family. The furniture and the whole style speaks of the resolution and strength of Governor János Hunyadi, who won the siege of Belgrade against the Turks. At the same time this is also the spirit the young Matthias, the later king of Hungary was brought up. The intention of the owner was to create the monument of the last great Hungarian king and to show a path to his second son, Matthias. "King Matthias is dead! - Justice has perished". A rustic bathroom with a tub belongs to the room. Television, fridge, WEB accessibility, and the right to use an enclosed parking lot are basic services. Information on accommodation:
Rooms may be occupied each day from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM.
Rooms are to be emptied on the day of departure until 10:00 AM.
It is an option to stay further. A fee of HUF4,425/2 individuals is payable for daytime stay until 6:00 PM.
Breakfast: from 8.00 AM to 10.00 AM.

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